How to write essays for money

Writer’s talent: where, how and how much?

Try to remember, how many essays have you written in your life? First, at school, then motivation letter while entering the university, afterwards essays while studying, especially if you chose humanities. It means that almost everybody can write essays. Moreover, you can also earn money writing essays.

Ways of earning money writing essays

  1. Copywriting. A great amount of websites appears every day in the boundlessness of the Internet and each of them needs some content. So the website owner is looking for a skilful copywriter. By the way, writing essays for websites is just one dimension of copywriting out of many.
  2. Rewriting. There is no big difference between rewriting and copywriting: you take one or several written essays as a basis and write a new one preserving the sense, but changing the words.
  3. Selling written essays. You can write on different topics and sell finished essays through text exchanges.
  4. Keep a blog/website. This way is more complicated for earning money because you need time for blog monetization and you have to put cash into blog building.


First of all, you have to understand that copywriting means writing selling and advertising essays. Copywriter’s task is to write an essay, which will meet all client’s requirements: either it draws attention to the website, or it sells any products. Being a copywriter is not just writing essays on various topics, but also possessing additional information and skills. Luckily today you can find a lot of educational resources on the Internet.


Basically, rewriting is one of the copywriting dimensions. Its main aim is to make a unique essay out of already written. Such essays are easier than author ones, but at the same time, it is a good practice for those who are studying up copywriting.

There are two rewriting dimensions:

  • Surface. An essay is being changed line by line.
  • Deep. The main sense is preserved, but an essay is being fully rewritten.

But remember that after the process of rewriting the text must be almost unique.

Selling written essays

This item may be called earning money writing essays. The topic and style of an essay are absolutely insignificant; you write essays and then publish them on various text exchanges. But this method has got a minus: you have no guarantees that anyone will buy your essay. The cost of a written essay may come up to 100 USD. And there can be several variants of selling an essay: buying author’s rights (customer can do anything he wants with an essay); buying an essay for single use (afterwards the buyer can publish this essay again), and the last one – selling only for publishing without editing possibility. Of course, on some exchanges, you can sell essays not only in English but also in French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, German etc.


I guess this is the most complicated item because it is very difficult to start earning money from the beginning. You also have to spend money on blog building for its monetization. But here you have got no restrictions for your fantasy and you can write about anything you like. The main things are to find a living topic and make essays interesting for readers and everything will be great!

These are not the only ways of earning money writing essays, but they are the main. So if you decided to become a commercial author, you should choose one of mentioned above.

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